Washington state is a very interesting place to live. I love it here, mainly because I can look out my window and see huge hills in the distance, or mountains and volcanoes that are a short drive away. I love that the air here smells fresh, sometimes pungent with hops or asparagus, or lavender. I feel lucky to live in a state that is home to a world-class city like Seattle, and major sports teams like the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, Storm, and the Kraken.


Washington - The Evergreen State

There are a few stereotypes for people living in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest for that matter, but I’ve noticed over the years that with the influx of newbies moving here, those stereotypes about Washington are changing.

That being said, there are a few things I might be willing to wager you will never find in a typical Washington home. Some of these items won’t be found in our homes because we have that "West Coast is the Best Coast" vibe! (Please note: You must assimilate to our happy vibes as soon as your feet touch the ground.)


In Washington State, You Must Choose Your University Football Team Wisely
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Just so you know, we're all pretty much Team Gonzaga in Washington state, especially during March Madness. This applies even if you're not really into sports. When I moved here in 2002, I quickly found this out.

More importantly, when you move here, you must also immediately pick a side: are you Team Washington State Cougars or Team University of Washington Huskies?

Choose wisely, even if you never went to either (or any) college!


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You also must like pickleball, even if you never play it.

Pickleball is life!

Pickleball is LIFE


We like our Washington homes to be practical, simple for the most part, and full of Northwest charm. A lot of us are athletic (but not everybody, I’m proof of that). Others are huge foodies (count me happily amongst that batch of crazies), and still others prefer to live off the grid. We get wound up about our politics, we really adore our emotional support pets, and some of us have hearts so big, we consider our next door neighbors as part of the family.

We're pretty lovable in Washington state, we must admit!

See how many of these things you DON'T have in your typical WA state house!

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