There is nothing like going to a ballpark and watching an all-American pastime of baseball. Whether you’re seated in a major league stadium like Coors Field in Denver or in your small-town field like Paul Thomas Sr. stadium in Wenatchee. You walk in wearing your team’s jersey. You head over to the concession stand, grab a hotdog, a snack, a beverage, go find your seat, and if you have season passes, you talk with the other regulars around you. Then there’s the traditional first pitch and the National Anthem. Then someone yells out, “Play Ball!” And of course there’s the tradition of the 7th inning stretch and the crowd singing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. 

One of my favorite traditions, unique to baseball is the walk-up songs. You know. The song that starts playing when a home team player steps up to the home plate with bat in hand. A feel good tune that energizes the player and charges up the fans. Even pitchers get a walk up song when they take the mound. Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie, Major League, entering the field as they play the song, Wild Thing.

Legend has it, the walk-up song started in the 1970’s when the organist for the Chicago White Sox, Nancy Faust, would start playing songs on her organ, she felt related to the player coming to bat. From there, other teams across the country caught on and the walk-up song soon became a thing. The ball players today get to pick their own songs. A song that defines them. And it has to be grand. Like sitting in the movie theater and getting blasted with that theme to Star Wars. And if only in your heart, you scream, “YEAH!”

Some of the walk-up songs for current MLB players include: 

Mariners Julio Rodriguez: Grinding All My Life -Nipsey Hussle

Dodgers Clayton Kershaw: We Are Young -fun.

Giants Job Peterson: Dancing Queen -ABBA

This summer I’ve been attending quite a few AppleSox games and have loved some of walk-up songs for the players. 

AppleSox PA announcer, Scott Cowan, begins his introduction with his voice rising up to enthusiasm. “Now coming to bat! Aiva Arquette!” The fans in the stands cheer as ‘number 17’ struts to his walk-up song, My Hawai’i by The Green.

“Now, number 26…Grant Sherrod!” And BOOM! Rooster from Alice in Chains shakes the stadium speakers.

Here are are some of the other AppleSox walk-up songs used, thanks to AppleSox General Manger Allie Schank: 

Andrew Haight: M&M - Rvssian

CJ Horn: Pepas - Farruko

Ezra Samperi: Don't Think - Mike

Michael Davinni: Yeah! - Usher

Xander Orejudos: Your Love - The Outfield

Joichiro Oyama: Loud and Heavy - Cody Jinks

Enzo Apodaca: Booyah - Showtek

Adam Fahsel: Lose Control - Meduza

Matt Halbach: Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Kanye West

Corey Jarrell: Stupid Again - Tory Lanez

Cole Miller: Mo Money Mo Problems - Puff Daddy

If you were a baseball player, what would you chose as your walk-up song? Of course mine might be a bit of a cliche’. My walk-up song would be the theme song to the old TV show, Maverick.

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