Chelan-Douglas Health District is confirming that a bat found in Chelan County has tested positive for rabies. 

CDHD says the test results came after Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Animal Control retrieved the bat from a residence in Chelan County last Tuesday. 

Animal Control euthanized the bat and sent it to Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for testing, where positive results were verified. 

CDHD says no people are known to have been exposed at this time. 

The district says anyone who is in contact with a rabid bat is at risk for getting rabies and should seek medical evaluation immediately as untreated rabies is almost always fatal.  

The public is also advised to never handle a bat with bare hands. 

In addition, Washington State Law requires pets be vaccinated with the rabies vaccine.  

People are advised to contact their local veterinarian if you believe their pet was in contact with a bat, and to contact the local health department (CDHD for people in Chelan or Douglas Counties) if their pets have had direct contact with a bat.  

The last rabid bat in Chelan and Douglas Counties was reported in July of 2021. 

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