The Grant County Health District is advising the public about reports of blue-green algae blooms in areas of Moses Lake.

The health department's blue-green algae tracker has warning designations for the Lewis Horn and Middle Moses Lake sections of the lake.

A pilot program in place since July has observation sites are at popular public access areas such as parks, swim areas, and boat launches.

Volunteers check for harmful algae blooms on a regular basis at Moses Lake, which has been susceptible to toxic blue-green algae blooms.

The pilot project covers Moses Lake and was developed in coordination with the Columbia Basin Conservation District and Moses Lake Watershed Council.

The health department is coordinating with a volunteer group, Cyanobacteria Surveillance by Citizens, Users and Managers, to go out every week to 13 observation sites around the lake.

All survey submissions are reviewed by the health department before being posted to the algae tracker.

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