Have you heard of the Wenatchee Larkspur and/or the Checker Mallow?

Maybe you have and maybe you havent. Personally, it wasn't until the other night that I had. Let alone know about this really cool location.

Camas Meadows Sits Above Cashmere WA leading you to Blewett Pass

"From the junction of Highway 97 and Highway 2 east of Leavenworth, travel south on Highway 97. After five miles or so watch for Camas Creek Road on the left (east) side of the road. " - Source


Camas Meadows is home to the Wenatchee Larkspur and the Checker Mallow.

"Located in the Wenatchee Mountains of north-central Washington, this 2,018-acre preserve contains the largest known population of two plant species, Wenatchee Mountains checker-mallow, which is federally listed as “endangered,” and Wenatchee larkspur, state-listed as “endangered.” These two species are known to exist only within a portion of the Wenatchee Mountains. The preserve is made up of lush meadows dotted with aspen groves and surrounded by ponderosa pine and fir forests." - Source


Camas Meadows was truly a sight worth seeing.

Just the drive alone to get up there, short, sweet and absolutely jaw dropping!

Please, please, please, respect people's properties.

There is absolutely no hunting and a ton of private property so stick to the road ONLY.

I almost didn't want to write about to amazing location, it's so perfectly peaceful and pretty, and honestly just really freakin cool! But I don't gatekeep.

To learn more about Camas Meadows, click the links below:

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