If you are looking for mindless info, my friend, you've come to the right spot.

Ok, I should give this more credit. Maybe you are looking for middle names for a new baby on the way or looking to change/add your name. Whatever the case may be. Hi :)

I selfishly wanted to know if my middle name was common.


For the record, my middle name is Megan (no you may not have my social security number as well). My Middle Name didn't even make the "Top 105" (way ta go mom!) My First Name however did land on spot #105 though. Cool.

*Flips Hair

"So, I'm like kinda unique... " - Me


Back on topic...

So, what are the most common middle names?

Growing up in Washington State, I seem to come across a ton of Lee's, Michael and Lynn's. Let's see how they match up to the United States.

Most Popular Middle Names in the United States

We have a good general knowledge of common last names like Smith and Johnson. As well as common First names like John and Elizabeth, but what are the most common, Middle Names? Source

Gallery Credit: Aly

I was not as creative when it came to naming my little girl.

My little girl's Middle Name landed her on spot 3. Meh, that's ok, her name is my absolute favorite in the whole world.


Whatever you're reasoning for choosing a Middle Name,

No choice is a wrong choice.

I mean unless you chose something like...

NO, I will not go there.

Enjoy the process, Your Name is Unique to You Because of You,

no matter how common it may be.

Take an even deeper dive into the world of names here. You can even find out what the most Common Middle Name is in the UK.

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