East Wenatchee Police are accusing an Eastmont School District janitor arrested last Friday of rape of a child. 

Police filed paperwork in Douglas County Superior Court Monday morning, accusing 49-year-old Michael Ray Vanhousen of two counts of Rape of a Child 3rd Degree as well as one count of Attempted Rape of a Child, two counts of Child Molestation and Possession of Depiction of a Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct 1st Degree. 

Officers say the activity took place between November of last year and this past May with a Sterling Junior High School student, where Vanhousen is employed as a janitor. 

They say Vanhousen raped the child at the school and at his home. They also say Vanhousen possessed photos of the child undressed, and say he and the child exchanged sexually explicit photos of themselves via text and a phone app. 

Police began an investigation in May after being contacted by an Eastmont School Resource Officer about a possible inappropriate encounter between Vanhousen and a student. 

In an Affidavit of Probable Cause filed Monday, officers say Vanhousen was observed engaging in a sexual act during class. The teacher in that class said he did not notice any unusual behavior at the time. 

Vanhousen’s supervisor said he more than once noticed Vanhousen had students in his room with the lights off and the door closed. The supervisor said he informed Vanhousen he was not allowed to have students in his room with the door closed. 

Officers say sexual contact between Vanhousen and the student began in late 2022. In addition, they say the abuse took place at Vanhousen's home and at a local church. 

In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, officers say one other student said Vanhousen had engaged in touching them on several occasions. 

Vanhousen was placed on leave from his job on May 11. 

No date has been set yet for his initial court appearance. 

In a separate Douglas County Superior Court case, Vanhousen’s wife filed for divorce on July 7. 

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