It's Friday the 13th. Do you feel like when a day comes about like this, that it’s bad luck? Do you feel like it’s good luck? Or do you feel like it’s “Just another day.” Nothing wrong with any way of thinking, but here’s some things I bet you didn’t know about Friday the 13th! 

My birthday landed on Friday the 13th 2 years in a row! Like what the heck?? And yes, they weren’t as good of birthdays as I had wished, but I’ve had many more since to make up for it.  

Friday is Venus's day, and the 13th is a feminine power number. Which makes today A Day of feminine power. (This is according to co-worker Maddy)  

Also, if you add up the numbers 1 + 3 = 4, so you could just say “no it’s the 4th.” May get weird looks but keeps the superstitions at bay.  

No matter how you look at this day, or even how many “bad things.” have actually happened on this day to you, it is “just a day,” after all. We can choose to let these days affect us, or we can choose to thrive and “show this day who’s boss!” The choice is really yours, and there’s no right or wrong way to see it.  

Do consider this though. Friday the 13th always reminds me of Black Cats, and how one could be scared to own said black cat. Reconsider this, adopt a black cat (if you can) from a local Humane society. Like Wenatchee Humane Society. Black cats are the least adopted because of said superstitions and that to me is just sad.   

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