In a world filled with build-it-yourself Ikea bookcases and DIY furniture…there’s one invention that truly changed your life.

If you didn’t have one of these inventions in your home, putting projects together or tightening up practically anything would be a lot more difficult

I’m talking about an invention that came into the world nearly 100 years ago by a man living in Portland.

His first name was John. His last name was Thompson.

The Phillips Screwdriver was invented in Oregon by John P Thompson and Patented by Henry Phillips

John P. Thompson actually invented the “Phillips head” screwdriver, but it was a guy named Henry Phillips who was the first to patent it!

By the way, it’s Phillips, spelled with two Ls instead of one.

I was hunting around for one of my Phillips head screwdrivers the other day when I needed to take the drain thingie out from my bathtub to see if there was anything in there to explain the clogging situation I was having.

Narrator: It’s called the Overflow Drain.

I’ve even used a Phillips screwdriver to change the lightbulb on my car’s tail lights.

That good ole Phillips screwdriver saves the day every time!


Once Henry Phillips and his Phillips Screw Company convinced the American Screw Company to manufacture his screwdriver, it began its journey to become a necessary household and work function tool. .

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Industries from construction to aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, woodworking, and home improvement projects will at some point be likely to use the Phillips head screwdriver.

Thanks, John and Henry! Your patented invention has truly changed the world!

Side note: I’ve often wondered where we developed the phrase, “Screw this!” Was that invented in Oregon, too? The world may never know!

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