Housing prices are on the rise in the Wenatchee area.

The most recent numbers from Pacific Appraisal show the median price of a home is up 13 percent from a year ago at $492,950. The average price of a home is up is up by 7 percent to $533,932.

Home sales have shown strong growth from this time last year, having risen 26 percent, although sales have been much stronger within the past year.

A total of 49 homes were sold in the last month. Home sales in the past year peaked in May through September of 2023, when sales per month topped 70 three times.

There were far fewer home for sale in the last month from a year ago with listings down by 13 percent.

The average year to date sales to list price was 94%.

And the most active price range by far continues to be the $401-$500K range with 112 sales in the last 6 months.

The number represent real estate activity for single family homes and condos in the areas of Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Malaga, Orondo and Rock Island.

The most recent real estate numbers are for February 2024.