Remember the catchy tune "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin or more recently,  Pharrell's "Happy"?  I probably just gave you an ear worm, and you may be humming either melody the rest of the day.  Sorry!

But how happy are you with life?

A recent study found 50% said they are “very satisfied” with the way their personal life is going.  Happiness is more than a feeling of joy or excitement. It depends on various aspects of life, from emotional well-being to job satisfaction.

How does Washington state rank in the survey of "happiness"?  The Evergreen State did not make the Happiness Top 20.


Happiest States in America
1. Utah11. Delaware
2. Hawaii12. Massachusetts
3. Maryland13. North Dakota
4. Minnesota14. Virginia
5. New Jersey15. New Hampshire
6. Connecticut16. New York
7. California17. Illinois
8. Florida18. South Dakota
9. Idaho19. Wisconsin
10. Nebraska20. South Carolina

Personal finance website WalletHub released their survey findings of 30 leading indicators of a happy life.  The criteria ranged from depression rates to income and employment figures.

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Best State vs. Worst State Comparisons

  • Hawaii has the lowest share of adult depression, at just over 11% while West Virginia experiences the rate of adult depression at 29 percent.
  • New Jersey records the lowest rate of suicides at 7 per 100,000 residents, compared to Wyoming, where the rate is the highest at 32.
  • Utah has the highest rate of volunteerism, over 40 percent, more than double  than in Florida, the state with the least volunteerism at under 16%.
  • Utah has the lowest rate of divorced and separated  couples with 15.5%, compared to the highest rate in New Mexico's at 25.6 percent.

So how did Washington rank among the 50 states?

While we're not in the top 20, we're not far. Washington State ranks #22 in the survey, with emotional & physical well-being ranked 26th, work environment ranked 23rd, and community & environment ranked 12th.

Additionally, Washington is tied for third in sports participation and third in income growth.

Full details and methodology are available on WalletHub.

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