Residents and passersby at the southern end of Sunset Highway in East Wenatchee might notice a foul odor in the days and weeks ahead.

The unpleasant smells are being caused by a malfunction in the odor control system at the Douglas County Sewer District's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

District Manager, Darrell Winans, says the breakdown occurred just as a major maintenance project was getting underway and there's been a delay in obtaining the parts needed to repair the issue.

"Unfortunately, they are being delayed. We are trying to expedite the manufacturing and delivery of those parts to help in mitigating some of the odor issues that we are having. So we're just asking for the patience of our residents and those who are passing by on the (Apple Capital) Loop Trail and letting them know we are working on it and we are sorry for the inconvenience."

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Winans says it's unknown how long it will be until the parts arrive and for how long the odors will persist.

"The project is a multi-week project but that doesn't mean that the odors will be for weeks and weeks on end. They should be diminishing as time goes on and they vary with whatever way the wind is blowing. It could be detectable for blocks or only a few feet away."

The project is expected to cost around $400,000 and be completed by sometime in July.


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