If you won a lottery jackpot, would you help your immediate family and close friends?

How about a favorite charity or cause?

We imagine we would have altruistic motives with our sudden wealth but after you’ve hit the jackpot, how much help could you do?

It depends on the size of your windfall and but someone actually figured it out.

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After the government extracts it's share in taxes, what would you have left and what could you do with the winnings to help others, if so inclined?

A research team a BetMGM analyzed data on how far a modest  $5 million lottery jackpot would stretch in Washington,  after taxes.

In 2024 Washington, you could afford the following: (I'll start with the things that help others at the top of the list)

  • Pay off the lifetime debt of 61 Washington residents including student, mortgage, and credit debt.
  • Fund four years tuition for 167 students at a Washington state college.
  • Pay for 562 trips and tickets from Washington to the Olympic Games in Paris.
  • Afford groceries for 4.6 lifetimes
  • Afford takeout for 12.4 lifetimes or 37.3 lifetimes of food delivery.
  • Purchase 64 Teslas
  • Buy 1,315 tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.
  • You could afford to purchase an 18,405 square foot residence in Washington.
  • 714,286 beers

You can read BetMGM's full report here with results from all 50 states

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