A 37-year-old Wenatchee man who rammed his vehicle into two police cruisers while trying to flee from arrest in November will serve seven years in prison. 

Steven Irland has pleaded guilty in Douglas County Superior Court to seven felonies, including three counts of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon as well as unlawful firearm possession, eluding police, and drug possession with intent to deliver. 

Irland entered the plea and was sentenced Friday. Another case with 13 charges against Irland was dropped simultaneously. 

Police said they found illegal drugs and stolen items in Irland’s possession after his arrest. 

Evidence - Image from Chelan County Sheriff's Office
Evidence - Image from Chelan County Sheriff's Office

He rammed his pickup truck into two vehicles used by the Columbia River Drug Task Force while they tried to serve an arrest warrant on him in Rock Island. 

He then fled on foot before quickly being overtaken near a garage off Douglas Street in Rock Island where he was located. 

The 13 charges that were dropped included nine felony infractions after police recovered an E-Bike stolen out of Leavenworth, a pistol grip shotgun, AR15 rifle, approximately 1000 fentanyl pills, fentanyl powder, illegal mushrooms, and items used for distribution of drugs. 

Also dismissed were accusations of hit and run, resisting arrest, unlawful firearms possession and multiple counts of drug possession with intent to deliver. 

Irland will serve 84 months for the seven charges he pleaded guilty to concurrently, meaning at the same time, not consecutively. 

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