Rock Island Mayor Randy Agnew is running for Douglas County Commission.  

Agnew is running for the Commission District 2 seat, which is being vacated by Kyle Steinberg. 

He's in his third term as Rock Island Mayor and says the timing is right to run for commissioner. 

"After nine years as mayor of Rock Island, which has been a great learning experience, since Kyle's not running, having that position open, I just thought it would be a great opportunity to bring my skills to the entire county." 

Agnew is a Republican who would be replacing another Republican in Steinberg, who chose to step down after two terms as commissioner. 

He was first elected Rock Island's mayor in 2015 after five years on its city council. Agnew defeated incumbent Russell Clark in that election and has been reelected twice without opposition. He's now one year into his third term as mayor. He ran unsuccessfully for Douglas County PUD commissioner in 2022.  

Agnew said he originally filed with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission for the Douglas County District 3 Commission seat, which is represented by Marc Straub, and is not up for election this year. 

The filing has since been corrected. 

Agnew says he would continue supporting the current direction of the Douglas County Commission if elected. 

"I think they've done a pretty good job, the three commissioners we have," Agnew said. "So, I'll be continuing their efforts, mainly in the areas of economic development, growth, trying to meet our housing needs, that sort of thing." 

He also thinks he's qualified for the commissioner's seat because of his experience creating custom accounting systems for businesses as the owner of a software development company  

"I have a thorough understanding of accounting and business processes," Agnew said. "That knowledge has served me well as the Mayor of Rock Island and as a board member helping to lead multiple public agencies in the Wenatchee Valley." 

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