A growing trend across America and here in Washington

People use soap in their lawns and gardens.


Why Soap? 

If you spot a bar of Ivory Soap next to some plants - or a neighbor's lawn smells extra fresh. You’re experiencing a new trend in gardening.

House Digest gave a great tip for using - Irish Spring to keep pests out of your garden.

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Here’s the exact recipe

1 - Slice your bar of Irish Spring soap into shavings (making mini-square chunks would work as well. Your mission to chop or slice - is to release the scent.)

2 - Place the shavings/chunks into a mesh bag. 

3 - Place your mesh bag near plants that are susceptible to pests.


What does the Irish Spring Scent do to pests?

The vibrant fresh smell of Irish Spring soap will keep deer and rabbits from eating your plants. Even insects, slugs, and snails are put off by this fresh intense scent.


How Many Bars should you use?

The number of bars of Irish Spring soap depends on the size of your garden. Do you have a larger garden?  You’ll need to increase the number of bars to accommodate the area.

'The strong scent is what keeps the pests away, so while smaller pieces will work, they might require more frequent replacement as the scent fades quicker than it would with larger cubes.' -Curbly


Any tips on WHERE to place the mesh bags of soap?

On your garden edges - where the pests enter. If you see any damaged or chewed-up plants, this is another location to lay your Irish Spring slices.

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