A few weeks ago, the news of the Washington Huskies and the Oregon Ducks bolting for the BIG-10 flashed across my smartphone. 

It didn't seem real. 

The Dawgs and the Ducks joined USC and UCLA for the glory and the promise of a bigger paycheck. 

My next thought was "What was going to happen to Wazzu?" 

Join the Mountain West and become rivals with Boise State and Wyoming?

I thought of all my Coug friends and wondered if they were going to be alright. You’d think that I, a Washington Alumni and longtime fan of all things Huskies, would be Dawgpiling on my Wazzu friends.


Living amongst a mostly majority of Crimson and Gray has changed my perspective. 

My first known common denominator with my Wazzu friends is our shared hatred of the Oregon Ducks. Not sure if the Cougs root for U-dub when the Huskies square off versus the Ducks - But, I sure do get loud and happy when the Cougars slap a big L on Oregon.

Oregon v Washington State
William Mancebo/Getty Images

Living east of the Cascades, I've come to know that Coug fans are the best people to hang out with. Coug fans don’t seem to care about what the odds are. They’re loyal to their friends and their school. They somehow get their Wazzu logo'd flag on every ESPN College Game Day. They’ve got an extreme distaste for anything Huskies - which is admirable.

Stanford v Washington State
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There's uncertainty in the air of what conference Washington State University will play in next.

In this season of what’s next - the Washington State University's athletic department releases THIS video. A strong message of defiance.

This great production was made by Dryland Media, a video production company based in Pullman.

Creative, inspiring, and tenacious.

I could see the Cougs going independent. Or even joining the BIG-12. Whatever they do, they'll be more than fine. Wazzu's grit and loyal, tenacious fanbase are something a majority of college sports wished they had.

I just hope we still have some sort of Apple Cup. There's nothing like a game between the Huskies and the Cougs.

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