I’ve always been a city girl at heart. I grew up in a small town that had a variety of residents from many different countries and cultures.

I grew up hearing different languages spoken on the streets and shopping places.

I went to school with students from a variety of countries.

We had many local restaurants that offered a range of food that was labeled “ethnic”, and we had a few international festivals that were within a short driving distance from my house. I almost felt like Rhoda up in that place!



Living in a city where I’m not the only one who looks like me is a huge life experience that I took for granted when I moved from Nashville, Tenn., to rural Washington state in 2002.

The small Washington city where I live in now is definitely not what I would consider ethnically diverse, although I have noticed an increase in cultural inclusivity efforts from local organizations and social clubs. That has been inspiring for me to see.

The city of Kent recently made national news for being named the seventh most diverse large city in America.

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This Top WA City Named One of the Most Diverse Cities in the USA
City of Kent WA via YouTube

Kent has a population of 130,000 or so people. It is the sixth largest city in Washington.

Kent is about half an hour away from two of Washington state’s biggest cities, namely Seattle and Tacoma.

The close proximity to the metropolitan areas gives residents in Kent access to some of the finest in dining, cultural, recreational, public transportation, travel, and industry opportunities and experiences. They sure are lucky to be in such a cool town!

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The city of Kent is a melting pot, with a relatively large population of multi-racial, Asian, Pacific Islander, African American, and Hispanic residents. Around one-third of the population of Kent is foreign-born.

The 2022 population census reports showed that Washington state generally consists of:

  • 5.6 Million White

  • 800,000 Asian

  • 780,000 Two or More races

  • 350,000 Black

  • 150,000 Indigenous

  • 74,000 Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian

Kent Washington Is One of the Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in America

As with most cities in Washington, the cost of living is relatively high.

It costs more to live in Kent than it does in Tacoma, which I find surprising because Tacoma has more residents!

I know from personal experience that when you live in a city (big or small) that doesn’t have a lot of diversity, sometimes it can lead to feeling like an outcast. This could even lead to diminished prospects in your professional, social, and romantic relationships.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why residents who can afford it flock to live in Kent, instead of living through a somewhat isolating ethnic experience felt in other regions of Washington state.


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