We all know that Jelly Roll can be an emotional guy. Whenever he wins an award, you can bet on his speech giving you goosebumps each and every time.

His powerful acceptance speeches are now so well know that comedian Theo Von did a hilarious impression of a Jelly Roll after winning an award. The video is quickly spreading across the internet and even Jelly, himself, has seen the impression.

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Theo Von Wins the Internet with Jelly Roll Acceptance Speech Impersonation

In good fun, comedian, Theo Von, went in hard on Jelly Roll and the strong emotions he displays during awards show speeches.

Von starts with, "Jelly Roll, every time he wins an award, he gets up there and he's like, 'I just wanna thank, right now there's somebody stuck under a bridge, there's somebody out there that's got a size 11 foot in a size 8 tennis shoe... I was a Maître d' at a Macaroni Grill, and now I'm a Grammy Award winning artist!'"

The hilarious assault on Jelly Roll's awards speeches continued. Von screams into the mic,  "...in 40 days and with only 90 singing lessons you can win a f-----g American Music Award!"

The now viral video has been seen by millions of people all across the world. Including, the subject himself, Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll is in the comments section saying, "I love you Theo and Uncle CoCo." Uncle CoCo refers to the other person in the video, Joey Coco Diaz.

Other fans of Jelly Roll are in the comments section affirming how emotional Jelly Roll does get, and how much it affects them when they hear it.

One TikTok user writes, "I mean Jelly Roll with that 'windshield is bigger than the review mirror for a reason' really pumps me up."

If you have ever gotten to see one of Jelly Roll's epic award-acceptance speeches, you know that they will leave you thinking you can climb Mt. Everest in shorts.

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