Kelsea Ballerini's love of fashion and beauty is well-documented — she's even currently a spokesperson for the CoverGirl beauty brand, and she frequently rocks carefully chosen, custom-designed outfits with intricate personal touches.

But the singer's also known for wearing her awkwardness and relatability on her sleeve, so it's no surprise that Ballerini leaned into an embarrassing onstage fashion mishap during a recent stop on her current run of Heartfirst Tour.

In a clip that the singer posted to Twitter on Sunday night (March 12), she's onstage in the middle of a performance — rocking a fringe-lined, sparkling gold outfit with dazzling cowboy boots — when shouts from the crowd tip her off to the fact that something might be amiss.

"What's wrong?" Ballerini asks in the video.

"There's a sock!" her fans shout back.

The singer looks down, and sure enough: A dark-colored ankle sock is dangling from her fringe. Rather than play down the incident, Ballerini plucks the sock off her outfit and holds it up for the crowd to see, saying, "I feel like Sulley from Monsters, Inc." (For anyone who hasn't watched this Disney Pixar classic, the singer is referring to one scene when an enormous, furry orange monster (actually named George Sanderson) draws attention to himself — and is ultimately captured — because he's got a white human sock stuck to his back. Sulley is a main character.)

From there, Ballerini giggles and jokes through the moment, and eventually finds a way to discreetly pitch the sock towards the back of the stage before resuming her set.

"You really never know what may happen at these shows," the singer quips on Twitter, posting footage of the wardrobe snafu.

Ballerini typically doesn't mind making jokes at her own expense after she has an embarrassing onstage slip-up. Back at the very beginning of the Heartfirst Tour, she had another wardrobe mishap, accidentally performing with her fly down. After the fact, the singer shared video of the moment — and even comedically narrated it for her fans.

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