You ever put a child in their car seat, taken them on a drive and gotten them to fall asleep, or calm down? Seems as though my mother had to do that quite often and I did as well with my little. Some may say it’s because of the “car noises and movements” that will put them to sleep, which I totally agree with, but what about the music that is being played in that moment? If the music is calming, for sure that plays a factor, if it’s chaotic, well, so will the environment be. No matter what you are driving around doing, I have a list of the-

“Best Songs Aly Drives to” around the Wenatchee Valley

Honestly, the good ole radio on blast when alone in the car, is probably one of the most amazing feelings when it syncs with mood and road. You could be up top of Burch Mountain, somewhere in the Chumstick, to the Muddy Banks of the Willipa, listen to what matches your emotion. I love music for that alone. Emotion, some songs just speak to us, or even allow us to speak to ourselves. Driving a little one to sleep, driving to take in all the beauty of the backroads and where they twist to. Enjoy, Breathe, and Sing a little. 

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