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The Bobby Bones Show

The Bobby Bones Show joined Premiere Networks’ national lineup in 2011 and was nationally syndicated on CHR radio until February 2013 when the program transitioned to a Country format. Today, the program originates from WSIX in Nashville and can be heard on nearly 140 Country radio stations nationwide by millions of listeners.

Middays 10AM - 3PM Saturdays 3PM - 7PM

Kissin' At Work W/Aly

A small town girl with a heart of gold. Her mission in life is to make sure the people around her are loved, happy and laughing. She’s a firm believer that you can accomplish anything. She’s driven and ready for whatever life hands her, just make sure there’s coffee! Favorite Quote: Think Positive, Be Positive!

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM Saturdays 10AM - 3PM


Your average beach boy, born and raised on the beaches of SoCal. In fact, at one time, he was LA’s youngest disc jockey. But Mav has also worked in Denver, Phoenix, Sacramento, and even Eugene and Bend, Oregon. He bleeds Dodger Blue, loves everything Disneyland. Listen to his afternoon show long enough and you may catch a “Hidden Disney”, where at least once a day, he mentions something Disney.

Nights 7PM - 12AM

Nights with Elaina

North Central Washington nights come alive with Nights With Elaina. Elaina has special guests throughout the week and will give you the trending music news and scoop first. More fun in the nighttime than you can have legally.

Saturdays 6AM - 10PM Sundays 7PM - 11PM

Country Top 30

Bobby & Amy count up the top 30 songs in the country with some great extra and interviews with your favorite artists and bands.