Washington State, one of the premiere states to visit.

I like to think of Washington State as an underdog state for tourists. There are so many places to visit and see. Yet, we are stuck up in the top left of the United States, and sometimes get forgotten.

Visiting Seattle? Spokane? What about Leavenworth? Be prepared no matter the destination.


What should a tourist know about Washington State?

First, get to know where you are visiting. Cities and towns may seem like they may not be too far apart, but you have to factor in traffic, location and if you have to take a mountain pass or not.

Don't worry though, I have some great tips for you to stay on track for a fun Vacation.

The 7 Best Tourist Tips for a Washington State Vacay

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My favorite piece of advice there is the one about BEING NICE. Seriously though, I have come across some pretty rude tourists, and it just leaves you with the thoughts of,

But, you're in MY city!" - Me (hypothetically)

Be nice, don't litter, plan ahead and you'll be fine.

Washington State is home to many backroads, wildlife, great food, family friendly fun to adult fun. Washington has it all, so please come prepared for a nice/good time.

Travelling via our Mountain Passes? We have advice for that as well.

7 Tips for Safe Washington State Pass Travel

Being prepared for the road conditions is one of the most important on that list.

Please don't go over the pass when "chains are required" without chains.

Now go forth and Explore Washington State with confidence, awareness and a smile.

Welcome to Washington :)

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