If you are anything like me, you don't hike. BUT you have friends who do and keep begging you to go with them because,

"You'll love the view from the top!"


While in most cases, that is true, but what if we aren't fully prepared to take a hiking trip? How do we set ourselves up for a successful time?


Just when you think, "Oh I may not need that," you actually probably will, so just bring it and smile knowing, "you have it all covered."

Why is it so important to be prepared?

Washington State is full of trails to hike, waters to walk along and wildlife from every corner, when you start those hikes, you are now on "their land," and thats a raw feeling. What if you slip and fall? Do you have what you need to help yourself?

Search and Rescue of Washington State is here for us, but they are already working hard!

" The state SAR Coordinator is responsible for resource coordination, multi-jurisdiction operations coordination, and administration of the Emergency Worker Program. There are 900 to 1,000 SAR missions a year in the state." - Source

So, what can we do to be prepared? I've got you covered!

The Checklist for the New Hiker in Washington State

Please, do not go hiking in the evergreen state, or any state for that matter, without being FULLY prepared.

Gallery Credit: Aly

There you have it! And if you think, that's too much, I could never! Well then I would save the Search and Rescue number.

  • 24-hour State Alert & Warning Center: 800-258-5990.
  • Search and Rescue: 888-849-2727.


You are not the exception to the rule when it comes to hiking. Be prepared and have a blast!

11 Bugs You Can Survive On (Eat) If Lost in the Wilds

In the event your GPS sends you wildly off course and you find yourself stranded deep in the heart of nowhere, rest assured you can survive, nay, thrive on a diet of insects and other creatures found underfoot, underground, and under logs.

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National Parks of Washington State

Washington State is home to 15 National Parks managed by the National Park Service. You might be surprised to know what some of these parks are!

Note: As one park site is sacred to the Nez Perce and discourages visitors, we have excluded it from the list below. Please respect all historic sites you may visit.

Gallery Credit: Jaime Skelton

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