Chelan County is inviting residents to view budget presentations being made this week before county commissioners. 

More than 20 departments will discuss what they hope to accomplish next year, what changes they anticipate and what their general needs are. 

County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says the presentations will take place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

"I would really encourage people to take advantage of these budget hearings, especially if you have a department that you're interested in, or that you have questions about" said FitzSimmons. 

Residents can come in person to the budget meetings at 400 Douglas Street in Wenatchee or join through Zoom, which is available through a link on the county’s website. 

FitzSimmons says there'll be high interest in what certain departments are doing. 

"The sheriff is one everybody is always interested in," FitzSimmons said. "The jail, public works road fund. That's a little different that everybody else's fund. Those are, kind of the big ones. 

Each department's budget presentation takes about a half hour, although some are slightly more in depth. 

FitzSimmons said the Department of Natural Resources, which will have its biggest budget ever at $22 million, is planning to make structural changes that could be of public interest. 

The budget meetings are scheduled below: 

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 

8:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: Superior Court Judges/Law Library – Judge Ferrera, Judge Brandt, 

Judge Jourdan and Court Administrator Fona Sugg 

9:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: Regional Justice Center - Chris Sharp 

10:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: Commissioners/HR/Non-Dept. & Other Funds – Cathy Mulhall 

11:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: Superior Court Clerk – Marty Young 

1:00 P.M. Budget Hearing: I.T. – Fred Hart 

1:30 P.M. Budget Hearing: Juvenile Detention – Corey Stevens 

2:00 P.M. Budget Hearing: Coroner – Wayne Harris 

2:30 P.M. Budget Hearing: Assessor – Wes Cornelius 

3:30 P.M. Budget Hearing: Horticulture/Pest – Will Carpenter 

4:00 P.M. Budget Hearing: Natural Resources - Mike Kaputa 

Thursday, October 5, 2023 

8:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: District Court/District Court Probation – Judge Volyn, Judge 

Blackmon, Lea Garner, and Lori Lewis 

9:30 A.M. Budget Hearing: Public Works/ Flood Control Zone District Motor Pool – Eric 


11:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: Noxious Weeds – Julie Sanderson 

11:30 A.M. Budget Hearing: Treasurer – Dave Griffiths 

1:00 P.M. Budget Hearing: Community Development – Deanna Walter 

2:00 P.M. Budget Hearing: Economic Services - Ron Cridlebaugh 

3:30 P.M. Budget Hearing: Facility Maintenance – Brian Travis 

Friday, October 6, 2023 

8:00 A.M. Budget Hearing: WSU Extension – Margaret Viebrock 

8:30 A.M. Budget Hearing: Sheriff – Mike Morrison 

9:30 A.M. 2024 Budget Workshop 

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