The Washington State Mandatory Alcohol Servers Training

about a 3+ hour training course that will certify you in the field of Serving alcohol in establishments, at sporting events and more.

Servers in Washington State who work with and around Alcohol are required to have this course and pass with an 80% or higher.


👆 That's how I felt when I finally sat down to take the test recently.

Yes, I took the MAST course, and ya girl passed!

I got a 90% score, first test in years and I done did it! Yes, I am excited!

Having my MAST Certification has opened the doors to many opportunities now.

From being able to help serve beer at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval to helping out at the Beer Garden for Apple Blossom, it's an all year round certificate that will allow you to work in a very tip happy world.

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What are somethings to anticipate with taking the MAST?

6 Modules done in sections will guide you through this 3+ hour course.

Quizzes in between to help prepare you for the Final Exam.

Module 1: About The Program

  • Why are you taking the MAST
  • What are some key points to take away from the course itself
  • Watch the Short Film - Last Call - A very informative video of the effects and causes of alcohol related crashes and consequences of being over served alcohol.

Module 2: Alcohol and it's Effects on the Body

  • Learn the when a person is intoxicated
  • Learning the different effects alcohol has on the male body versus the womans body

Module 3: Minors and Checking IDs

  • Learn how to spot a fake ID
  • How to handle a situation

Module 4: Apparently Intoxicated Persons

  • How to handle not over serving
  • How to deescalate a situation
  • How to hold your ground when cutting people off
  • Knowing you have the Law on your side.

Module 5: Liability

  • Learn how you can be held responsible for 3rd party claims
  • How to protect yourself
  • You can always refer back to the Laws

Does the MAST program cost anything?

Yes, and while the starting price on the site I used was about $19.99, prices may vary. But this has to be a WA State approved course for the MAST Certificate to be valid.

Once the Test is passes, you have 5 years with your certificate.

This will have to be renewed prior to it expiring, and the whole course will have to be taken over again. But 3+ hours of your time is worth it when you can walk away knowing you have all the tools in your belt to allow you to Serve alcohol like a champ.

For more information about the MAST Program, click here.


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