Have you ever been on a walk or hike and came across rocks that have been stacked?

I personally have not, but I have seen some pretty cool structures that have been stacked, via social media.

Like the one above! Isn't that legit?!

What is the actual term for "Stacking Rocks"?

"Rock balancing (also stone balancing or stacking) is a form of recreation or artistic expression in which rocks are piled in balanced stacks, often in a precarious manner." - Source

How do people even do that?! Practice and patients I assume.

Is Stacking Rocks illegal in Washington State though?

"The dangers of these cairns have made them illegal to make, unless done professionally by a park ranger. The penalties for making these cairns are equivalent to those for vandalism." -Source

Why did the "art of stacking rocks," even begin?

"These days, most rock stackers do it to mark a trail, especially in less frequently navigated backcountry. Others claim that slowly and deliberately stacking rocks is a way to practice mindfulness. While its meditative benefits are open to interpretation, a well-placed cairn can indeed save lives" -Source

Let's pretend for a sec that you walk into my house and I'm trying to stack rocks...

1. I will probably be working on the first rock to stack for hours.

2. Leave me alone, I'm focused and let's see you do better, Nancy!

While Stacking rocks is illegal, they look so cool!\

The time, patients and dedication to stacking some of these works of art is just astounding. But lets practice mindfulness with others as well, we don't want one of these creations to fall and hurt anyone. They are Rocks after all.


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