Now, when we think of a "Man in Uniform," we think Firefighters, right? Maybe? I mean sure we can blanket it to Law Enforcement as well.


BUT (not butt)

What if I were to tell you that Washington State is #7 for sexiest...


Yes, we have a specific uniform in Washington State that just "gets the people goin',"

Washington State Patrol is high ranking in "Sexiest Police Uniforms."

"Shirts in a profound oceanic blue echo the majesty of Washington's landscapes, from the Puget Sound to the Space Needle. These uniform merges authority with accessibility, featuring a modern cut that reflects the state's forward-thinking ethos. The ensemble, unified by a belt symbolizing community commitment, radiates integrity and dedication." according to

Yup, that uniform right above in the Instagram post, just does it for a ton of people!

Who got #1 then... Was it our very own Wenatchee Police department? No, no it wasn't...

Texas Department of Public Safety got 1st place.

Well, fine! What do those uniforms look like?

Oh, ok... Well, there you have it.

We all have our tastes, right? I'm patrial to WA State Patrol.

No matter which Police department, Huge thank you to all who protect and serve our communities. and if you are an officer and you think this list is all wrong, who would you vote for?


America’s Sexiest State Police Uniforms | Wealth of Geeks

What are your types?

Do you have a preference?

Hey! here's a fun little gallery,

Your Typical Washington State Men

Think you know who what types of men you may run into in WA? Let's test your knowledge :).

Gallery Credit: Aly

do you agree?

I think I am just posting pictures of men at this point and for that, Not sorry. But also, ok bye.

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