Classy Chassis, Parade and Car Show. One of my favorite events in NCW. Happens during Apple Blossom in East Wenatchee. Cars, cars and more cars! Older models to new, there's sure to be one that makes you go "Oh whoa look at that car!" "Did you see that one?!"

I do recommend getting to the parade a bit early. Find your spot and post up. I know many people who whip their trucks in with the tailgate point to the streets, impromptu tailgating parade style!

The Classy Chassis Parade starts:

6pm Friday May 5th.

Following the parade is a Street Dance until 10pm.

Classy Chassis first began in May of 1981

That's 42 years of show stopping fun!

Classy Chassis Parade & Car Show | East Wenatchee, WA (

I absolutely love when the fallen Heroes, are honored, always brings a tear to my eyes.

I always wanting to ride in a hydraulic car!

I'll tell you what, practically any spot you get to watch the parade, is prime time!

How cool is this! My little one is going to go nuts for the Lightning McQueen car!

Do not miss out on the 2023 Classy Chassis. Make sure to leave work early if you can and grab your favorite spot on the sidewalk. Enjoy! Also bring a light jacket, just in case. You don't want to be stuck in the cold and then in traffic while cold.

*Pro tip: Maybe avoid East Wenatchee if you can/don't plan on attending the parade. Traffic gets very backed up.

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