I seem to hear from people around me here in Eastern WA,

"Ah, heck, I'm moving out of this state!"

This is in regard to politics, cost of living, whatever their reason is, they want to move. And while some have actually taken the steps to leave this state, others have not.

Surely, not everyone wants to leave Washington State.

I personally love it here. Sure, the rent is super high. Sure, buying a house almost seems like a pipe dream. Sure, buying groceries feels like you are signing your life away just to be able to eat a decent meal. Sure, ok I'll stop...


You might ask yourself though...

Where would people be moving to from Washington State?

The Number One State? California

  • People from Washington who moved to California in 2022: 31,866 (12.36% of outbound moves from Washington) - Source

Second? Oregon

  • People from Washington who moved to Oregon in 2022: 25,457 (9.88% of outbound moves from Washington) - Source

For a full list, click here.


So, with some of our Washington State residents leaving this state,

Has Washington State shrunk in Population size?

  • The population of Washington in 2023 was 7,812,880, a 0.36% increase from 2022. - Source


Well, isn't that special!

We have Increased population!

In honor of having some more people in Washington State...

30 Reasons Living in Washington State is Amazing

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Gallery Credit: Heath Brewster

I've lived in Washington State my whole life.

Would I change it? Nope. Would I change anything? Sure, but nothing geographically. Washington State is so dang beautiful, from our rivers and streams to the highest peaks, Washington State is for me, and for you :)

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