Yes, another store is having to shut their doors here in Washington State. BUT not all locations.

Walgreens set to close over 100 stores Nationwide.

"On Monday, the company told Newsweek that it will cut nearly 650 jobs in Dayville, Connecticut, and Orlando, Florida, as it reevaluates its business." - Source

I get my prescriptions at Walgreens here in Wenatchee WA, please tell me we get to keep our locations...

Walgreens letting people go and closing stores, but why?

"We are evaluating all strategic options to drive sustainable long-term shareholder value, focusing on swift actions to right-size costs and increase cash flow, with a balanced approach to capital allocation priorities," - Source

Which Washington State Walgreens locations are closing?

Federal Way location


One in Tacoma

For a full list of all the Walgreen store closures, click here.

Wenatchee and East Wenatchee Walgreen locations are safe. For Now.

I will be the first to say, I love the service I receive at Walgreens when getting my medications, always so friendly and helpful. I would be so so sad if they did away with the locations we have here in the Wenatchee Valley.

Also, I love their "As Seen On TV" section. I know it seems childish to mention that part of the store, but I'm not kidding, some of the coolest things come from that space.

Don't forget! Walgreens does photo prints!

No, I am not advertising for them, I just remember that myself and now I need to go fill an order of more pictures because, WE CAN!


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