Are Washington State Drivers Really That Bad? New Survey Says Yes!

Is it my imagination or have the drivers in Tri-Cities gotten worse? There is nothing more frustrating than getting cut off when you are trying to merge on 395 or 240.


California Drivers Didn't Even Make The Top 10 Of Worst Drivers In The Nation

There is now a new survey that justifies why we as Washington drivers are so frustrated and it's because out of the 50 states, we basically suck at driving.

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Are we the worst in the nation? nope, luckily that belongs to our friends in New Mexico.

I was surprised to see that California didn't even make the top 10 but our fellow drivers in Washington State managed to make the list with shoddy driving skills.


In a new report from Zutobi, here is how we ranked out of all 50 states:

Washington is one of the states with the most distracted driving in the country, ranking #8. Washington reported 116 distracted driving crashes and 17 percent of all fatal crashes in the state were due to distracted driving in 2021.


Here are the full details of the report from Zutobi:

For the third year in a row, New Mexico has the most distracted driving in the country. According to statistics by NHTSA, New Mexico reported 195 distracted driving crashes in 2021.

The state reported 13.2 distracted driving deaths for every 100,000 drivers, and 41 percent of all fatal crashes in the state were due to distracted driving.

The second worst state is Hawaii, followed by Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and Montana.

So a new report basically affirms what we already know about drivers in our fair state. If we really are that distracted and dangerous when driving, maybe it's time for self-driving cars.

You can check out the rest of the report here.

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