Washington State Northern Lights

Did you see the bright green and red northern lights this morning? Lots of people in Washington State were early enough to witness the amazing event.


What Are Northern Lights?

Northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are dancing and colorful waves of light that can be seen in the night sky caused by particles from the sun slamming into the magnetic field of the earth.

The particles can be traveling up to 45 million mph as they collide with our planet creating a light show that has captivated man since the beginning of history.


Where Were Northern Lights Spotted in Washington State

Strong northern lights were spotted all over parts of Washington State if you were up early this morning and outside.

They were spotted strong in the northern parts of the state and even seen as far as the southern border with Oregon state.

Just look at the pinks and greens in the pictures captured below by Dan Butler.


Northern Lights Were Spotted at the Southern Washington Border

The northern lights are usually only seen in the northern parts of Washington State, but this morning was seen far south.

There were reports of northern lights being seen all the way to central Oregon near Bend.


Clouds Hide the Northern Lights on the West Coast of Washington

Not all of Washington State had clear enough skies to witness the event last night/this morning.

The Seattle area had clouds and snow falling, basically hiding the light show for most of the west coast.

If you want to learn more about northern lights and how to see them, read more about them at Space.com.

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