Rudeness is everywhere. When you think that things are going well and everything is going your way, someone has to go and ruin it for you. Maybe it's the moon. Perhaps it's karma. Maybe, just maybe, life has beaten down everyone so much that we're all fed up.

If that is the case, then people in Washington are pretty fed up enough that one of our most beloved (and, to some, despised) cities cracked the top ten of the rudest cities in the United States.

Sure, I've been driving in Seattle and experienced rude drivers. (Of course, it's Seattle, which city did you thank ranked up there)? I deal with rude drivers EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm over in Seattle.

It's not just driving as well. You know the joke about someone holding a door open, and the person walking through doesn't say thanks, so the gentleman forces the rude person back through the door and slams it. I've almost done that a few times in my Seattle experience.

Before judging anyone on their rudeness, I know we all are fighting battles that others don't realize. But if that mindset isn't a reason for everyone to try and be nice to one another, I don't know what does. So remember to turn that cheek the next time you're in Seattle. Otherwise, we may end up number 1 instead of 7 on this list compiled by

Now which cities are ruder than us in Seattle? Not surprisingly,
Washington, D.C., Detroit, MI, Orlando, FL, Charlotte, NC, Ann Arbor, MI, and Boston, MA, all beat us on the rude meter. Something I'm okay with them winning at.

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