Watershed, held at the Gorge Amphitheater every beginning of August. From wearing almost nothing (some people, not me), to trying to stay cooled off from the summer sun. To be honest, you don’t even have to like country music to attend, just loving music and a fun time is enough to pack up and head out to the campgrounds. I’ve been lucky enough to attend for the past 4 years and let me tell Ya, so much fun and getting to represent our country station Kissin’ 97.7 is really awesome!

Who are we expecting in the lineup this year though?!

The artists will be announced Friday 1/27th at 8am.

Here’s a list of who I'd LOVE to see hit any of the stages. From Main Stage to Next from Nashville, there’s going to be dancing and drinks to be had!  

Luke Combs- I haven’t seen him on a main stage at Watershed, personally, and I just think he would make an amazing finishing act of one of the nights 

Miranda Lambert- I know she’s gone multiple times but I just love seeing her perform. 

Chris Jansen- Cause he is just so awesome. Got to see him perform at the Mill Bay Casino in Mason WA, and his set was rad!  

Kelsea Ballerini- Her voice melts me, and makes me wanna sing karaoke with her.  

Luke Bryan- Tight jeans, all I’m going to say.  

Elle King- Powerhouse of a voice and I absolutely love her energy!  

Chris Stapleton- Couldn't you see yourself just smiling from ear to ear while you listen to his deep voice and raspy lyrics?? I can 

Shania Twain- She is the epitome of 90’s country and if you don’t like 90’s country then I don’t know what to tell you.  

Mitchell Tenpenny- Have you heard his recent music?! So so good! 

While I could go on, and I know I only mentioned high up names, heck I didn’t even add some to the list that I know I could have but this article could go for days if I had. Like I mentioned earlier, the lineup will be announced Friday 1/27th at 8am. Let's see if I got any of these guesses/wishes right! 

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