A Detective with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police (WDFW) got an early start to Halloween with a unique trick-or-treat experience.

Something out of a horror film

WDFW says that Detective and Border Patrol Agent Officer Erickson responded to a spooky call of human remains lying in a partially submerged cave. At first glance, this may be a story from a horror movie.

An odd discovery

After jet skiing to the mouth of the cave, the officer swam in to investigate; the officer said he could see what looked like a skull lying on the cave floor. The officer dove down into the water to get a closer look and made a grim discovery. Laying at the bottom of the cave was a plastic skull “beer bong” ( a party apparatus) that someone had filled with rocks and left at the bottom of the submerged cave to scare anyone who discovered it. So there it is, an early trick in this trick-or-treat Halloween season.

Photo: WDFW
Photo: WDFW

About Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police

The WDFW Law Enforcement Program is a division of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. While Fish and Wildlife Officers enforce rules and regulations associated with the Fish and Wildlife Code. They also provide a general authority police presence in the outdoor environment. Jurisdiction is state-wide and includes enforcement responsibility on state, private, and federal lands and state and federal waterways.


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