The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks indoor football team will play a 10 games schedule during this spring's season. 

They play in the American West Football Conference, which now only has three teams after the loss of the Tri-City Rush. 

The Rush was left without a home arena after the group that owns the venue announced plans to accommodate various other sports, squeezing out indoor football. 

Skyhawks team owner Theo Hall says the conference has made up for the loss by forming a partnership with another league. 

"It's only Idaho, Oregon and the Skyhawks in the AWFC as of now," said Hall. "And then they have a few more teams. But they're mostly a travel type league. So, we kind of mashed them together, and it helped both leagues out." 

The Skyhawks are set to play six home games at the Town Toyota Center, with three of them against teams from the partnering American Indoor Football Alliance (AIFA). 

Those teams are the Las Vegas Kings, Texas Pride, and Mississippi Raiders. The Capital City Cyclones of the AIFA will also match up against the three remaining AWFC teams. 

The four other teams in the AIFA are not part of the alliance with the AWFC - the Columbus Lions, South Florida Thunder, Carolina Predators and Dallas Falcons. 

In addition, the California Gold of the American Arena League (AAL) has agreed to compete against all three or the remaining AWFC teams. 

The Skyhawks will play a home game against the Gold on May 13. 

They're two remaining home games will be against the two other AWFC rivals - the Idaho Horsemen and the Oregon High Desert Storm. 

Team owner Hall says the Skyhawks are fortunate to play six of their 10 game schedule at home in Wenatchee's Town Toyota Center. 

"For the fans in Wenatchee to get six home games, that's pretty good," Hall said. "Most teams at this level, are in this type of predicament where it's five. XFL, (Seattle) Sea Dragons, they're five." 

The Skyhawks six home games will take place between early April and mid-June. 

Their longest road trip this season will take them to the Dallas area, where they’ll play the Texas Pride in Garland, Texas. 

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