Wenatchee Valley College is now in a hiring mode for staff members. 

WVC President Dr. Famous Harrison says they've hired 10-15 employees since January and will be adding several more positions in the next 60 days. 

He says one of the new positions will be Director of Student Life Development and Leadership. 

"When we think about students, we want them to not only be successful academically, we want them to be able to follow their aspirations and goals, and their educational goals and career goals, but we also want them to be strong leaders in the community," said Harrison." 

Harrison says he's creating new positions in an effort to better serve the needs of students as well as the needs of North Central Washington in general. 

He says they're using their operational funding along with financial grants to make new hires. 

He also points out the need to expand staff and faculty members to respond to a return to in-person classes after the pandemic when most all learning was online. 

In addition, there's funding already in place for existing or new positions because of retirements and resignations. 

Harrison says he's purposely changing some job titles and creating some new positions. 

"We're being methodical," Harrison said. "Our objective is not to just replace what was before, (but) how do we enhance. What are the needs of the community? What are the needs of the college? and then how do we utilize limited resources to address those needs." 

Harrison has been on the job since January 1. He's the school's 13th president since it opened in 1939. Harrison replaced Dr. Jim Richardson who is retiring this month after 17 years. 

Wenatchee Valley College has campuses in Wenatchee and Omak.

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