Where Are The Best Places To Find A Bigfoot In Washington State?

There are few creatures as elusive and mysterious as Sasquatch. From accounts of its scuffling around in the woods to sightings of its massive feet clomping behind trees, his legend has enthralled us all. 


Do You Know How Many Annual Sightings Of Sasquatch In Washington State?

As a kid growing up in Washington State, my foster dad would enthrall me with stories of the "Falling Rock", The "Seven Sisters" and of course, the elusive Sasquatch.

It might not be as far-fetched as you think. According to lonelyplanet.com, Tacoma gets the most Bigfoot sightings a year but there are 10 other places to explore in the Pacific Northwest if you are looking for the "Big Guy"


I thought we'd have some fun and get our own "virtual" search party together and make our way to one of Washington State's top Sasquatch hot spots.

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Here are our 10 picks of the best place to spot Sasquatch in Washington State

10 Best Places To Spot a Sasquatch in Washington State

Here are 10 of the best places to find a Sasquatch in Washington State.

Again, Bigfoot is as elusive as they come. We'd like to think we picked out 10 great places to spot a Sasquatch but you never know, he might've read this article and decided to move on before you could spot him at these places.

All we know is that we ask that you respect their habitat and be kind to the environment when searching, there are laws in the state to protect the Sasquatch, but you are lucky enough to snap a picture - CONGRATS!

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