Ok, So We know there's a ton of star power in being from Washington State (is there though? I just made that up really...) Anyway. Here are 20 Celebrities from Washington State!

1. John Elway - (Football Player)

2. Ryan Stiles - Who's Line is it anyway?

3. Adam West - Batman plus several other productions

4. Macklemore - Rapper

5. Bob Barker - TV Game Show Host

If you know you know...

6. John Stockton - Basketball Player

7. Hope Solo - Soccer

8. Rainn Wilson - The Office - Dwight Schrute


9. Sydney Sweenie - Actress

10. Jeffery Dean Morgan - Actor - Gave me my first heartbreak on Greys Anatomy

11. Dove Cameron - Actress

12. Paul Allen - Seattle Seahawks Owner and then some (RIP)

13. Chris Cornell - Lead Vocalist of Sound Garden and Audioslave

14. Bing Crosby - Actor and One of the Most Popular and Influential Musical Artists of the 20th Century

15. Jimi Hendrix - LEGEND GUITARIST (not enough words can describe this soul)

16. Kurt Cobain - Nirvana - Another Legend gone too soon

17. Bill Gates - Co-founder of Microsoft

18.  Craig T. Nelson - Actor

19. Randy Couture - Actor and former MMA fighter

20. Kenny G - Smooth Jazz Saxophonist - His Music serenades billions

Oh so there are way more people that are from Washington State, and there will be more to come! Any of your favorites live here? Were you surprised by any mentioned on the list? The last one (Kenny G) through me off, but I just think it's so cool to see such talent be born in own home state!

Consider this a part 1! Many more names to come!

Use this as an ice breaker!

"Hey! Did you know Dove Cameron is from Washington State!?"

I gotchu, I'll be your wingman!

Famous People From Washington & Celebs Born In Washington. (thefamouspeople.com)

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