Awww yes. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The most romantic time of the year is Christmas time. It’s the reason Hallmark spends all year making all new holiday rom-coms. And if you think about it, some of the best rom-coms have circled back to Christmas somewhere in the movie. Look at Sleepless in Seattle. Love Actually. You’ve Got Mail. Bridget Jones Diary. While You Were Sleeping. The Exorcist. 

Let’s face it. There’s nothing like sitting on the couch as the snow falls outside your handsome log in Washington, cuddled up with your love one, drinking lovely hot cocoa, while the fireplace crackles, with wrapped gifts underneath the Christmas tree with blinking lights. What better way to add to the feelies than softly playing some romantic holiday tunes. I could post 50 plus songs here that I have as a part of my playlist, but here are just a few to get your playlist started, as you discover your own that touch your heart.

BLAME IT ON THE MISTLETOE -Toby Keith I so love this song about a guy who bumps into a friend of a friend buying Christmas gifts, walks her home only to find them under the mistletoe. Then…kissie-kissie face. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING -The Carpenters Yeah, I know. It’s Christmas Eve and she’s not with the one she loves. The Christmas rush is through, the logs are on the fire, the lights are on the tree, and the one thing missing is the one her heart aches for. It’s actually sad, but I always imagine as the song ends, there’s a knock on the door. She opens it, and then…kissie-kissie face. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY -Charles Brown It has to be this version and this version only. Yes, there are other great versions of this holiday classic, most famously by, Bruce Springsteen. But they rock. With first few notes on the piano, you just wanna stand up with your love one, with a smile on your face, you hold each other and start to slow dance. When you hear that roughly smooth voice of Mr. Brown, you then…kissie-kissie face.

THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ -Mr. Tony Bennett One of the finest artists I’ve ever met. And yes, I’ve met Mr. Tony Bennett. Mr. Tony Bennett is truly the last of the greatest singers from a generation long gone. Even Frank Sinatra said he was the greatest. So anything Mr. Tony Bennett does, whether it’s from the 1940’s, his duets with the likes of Lady GaGa, or his mature versions of the classic standards…will be a treat to your ears. And when Mr. Tony Bennett is gone from this world, you might as well close the book on the American Standards Songbook. Having said that, there are plenty of great romantic Christmas tunes from the Great One, but The Christmas Waltz paints the ideal Christmas…where the whole world falls in love….and kissie-kissie face.

HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS -Kenny G Here’s another one where it has to be the Kenny G version. Yes, there are other romantic takes of this classic as well by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland. But with Kenny G, there are no lyrics to sing. Which means your lips are reserved to kissie-kissie face. 

I’D LIKE YOU FOR CHRISTMAS -Julie London I love Ms. London’s voice, as she whispers into ol’ Saint Nick’s ear with a Christmas wish that she would like to see last all year round. The woman who would go on to play nurse Dixie McCall on the TV series, Emergency! (Bet you didn’t know that!) wants the love of her life to share the night and into New Year’s Eve so when the clock chimes in 12 o’clock midnight, she’s with her man with lips ready to kissie-kissie face. 

WINTER WONDERLAND -Louis Armstrong Any Christmas music from the king of Jazz would be perfect to add to any of your Christmas playlists, but here we go again with a version of the song that is simply perfect to listen to as chestnuts roast on an open fire…and of course as you kissie-kissie face.

CHRISTMAS LOVE SONG -Rosemary Clooney Yep. George Clooney’s aunt. She also starred in White Christmas with Bing Crosby. The title of course speaks for itself. Her perfect voice is the Christmas gift you and your romantic partner never knew you needed. And just before the song ends, you’ll look at each other and know this could be your Christmas song for years to come. Happy many years of kissie-kissie face.

CHRISTMAS VALENTINE -Ingrid Michaelson + Jason Mraz The title alone oozes romance with this playful duet. If LaLa Land was a Christmas movie, this would have been a song Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling would sing and dance to before they kissie-kissie-face. And then they break up, hook up with other people, later she walks into his Jazz club, sees him perform, they nod goodbye to each other…forever….as she walks away with her new love and kissie-kissie face. 

EPILOGUE: If there was one Christmas album to add to your romantic Christmas collection, let it be The Christmas Collection from Frank Sinatra. Trust me. Before the album ends you and your lovey-dovey will be….well…you know.

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