Here Are The Seven Best Summertime Job For Teens In Washington State

As a teen, finding that first-time summer job can be challenging. I shoveled out horse stalls of manure and mowed lawns but getting that first "real" job was tough.


What Are Some Great Summer Jobs For Teenagers In Washington State?

I once proclaimed to my foster mom when I was 13 that I was taking the summer off and she promptly said a few choice words for me and then lined me up plenty of lawnmowing jobs for the summer.

I guess I owe my work ethic to her not letting me slide onto the couch during the summer months and getting some work experience.

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I remember one kid sat in a booth along the highway and counted cars for the state. I always thought that was a cool summertime job.

I decided to compile a list of summer jobs that teens can do to earn money, even when they give you the excuse that they can't find a job - here are a few options to look into:

The 7 Best Summertime Jobs for Teens in Washington State

Here are a few ideas for the best summertime jobs for teens in Washington State

Teenagers have a lot of options when it comes to summertime jobs in Washington State.

Working during summer vacation can provide valuable opportunities to develop skills that are not only beneficial in the workforce but in life as well.

From landscaping to retail, there are plenty of career paths to explore. So why not find an enjoyable and challenging job and make some cash this summer season?

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