A 17-year-old accused of threatening to commit a mass shooting at Cashmere High School now face formal felony charges.

The teen was charged Monday in juvenile court with Felony Harassment - Threats to Kill and Threats to Bomb or Injure Property.

The suspect was arrested overnight Thursday morning after reportedly telling a female student while in class Wednesday that he was going to "shoot up the school" the next day at 10:30 and she was first on the list.

According to an Affidavit of Probable Cause, the female student told deputies the suspect had made similar statement about shooting up the school in the past, but more specific and threatening this time.

The female student reported the threat to the Cashmere High School principal Wednesday evening, and the suspect was arrested hours afterward.

The 17-year-old remains in the Chelan County Juvenile Justice Center under a $750 bond. He has a court date for arraignment on November 2.

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