You’ve woken up for school and realize that it’s Game Day. You’ve anxiously awaited this day like no other, cause it’s not just any “game day,” it’s Thee Game Day, away game day that is! You pack your backpack with extra stuffs to take on the bus, maybe even bring a blanket and/or pillow. Bus rides with the team are your favorite cause they completely make you “get in the zone” before the game and allow yourself to still be social, but everyone on that bus is there for one reason. To Win.  

Growing up, when I was cheerleading or even playing sports, the “Away games,” were coveted, which ones were the furthest and did they land on a school day, if so, what time would you be able to leave class to catch the bus? I remember even the opposite, I’d actually get jealous if a team got to leave school early, and I couldn’t go either because I didn’t actually play the sport or what have you.  

I only bring this up because, all these memories come flooding back to me, as I am not the Assistant Cheer Coach for the Cashmere Bulldog Cheer Squad, and our Coach Leisa and I get to drive the cheerleaders in school vans to the different game destinations. I remember the feeling of “yay! I’m gunna sit next to my best, finish my makeup and get pumped up!” Now I see that feeling and actions in these girls and their excitement to cheer on the Cashmere Bulldogs.  

Games get over, you’ve changed in the locker room into something more comfortable. You’ve accepted the outcome of the game/games and now it’s time to load up on the bus again. This time though, on the way home, the environment is almost determined by a win or a loss, but the destination is still the same. Home. Kick back, headphones in and bus driver caffeinated, let’s go home kids.  

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