The Chelan County Sheriff's Office is warning about a popular scam that's back in the community.

Calls from people claiming to be from the county threaten arrest if a fine is not paid for missing jury duty.

The sheriff's office says no one from the county will ever call and make such a claim or demand for money.

People are advised to not comply with any such demands and can call the county if they have further questions

The county says the scam caller typically claims to be from the Chelan County Sheriff's Office, the Chelan County Superior Court Clerk's Office or the Jury Administrator’s Office, advising residents there is a warrant for their arrest because of failure to report to jury duty. The caller asks for a fine to be paid to avoid arrest.

According to the county, any candidate for jury duty will be sent a letter from the Superior Court's Office with the appropriate information and instructions on how to proceed.

A release from the sheriff's office strongly advises no further contact with scammers. "Hang up immediately," the release states. "Do not release any personal information or purchase any pre-paid cash cards, or send any type of payment. Do not meet up with these callers. Do not call them back."

Anyone with further questions is asked to call 509-667-6380

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