I am currently in my 40’s and there is very little that can throw my entire day off like a poor night of sleep. This is my current struggle. As I have gotten older, I have realized that I absolutely need a good quality night of sleep in order to be a functional human the next day.

In my 20’s I would stay up all night and sleep all day. All I can think now is… what a waste! I ruined myself for a lifetime of bad sleep habits. I have been getting up very early for work for 10 plus years now, but my natural instinct is to stay up too late and sleep in. That does not go over well when you have to get up at 5:45 am for work.

Sleep deprivation is a problem. In can weaken your immune system. Which explains why Alzheimer’s has been connected to it, as well as increasing the risk of a stroke and cancer. Behind the wheel a sleep deprived person is as dangerous as a drunk driver.

I am happier, healthier, have more energy and in a WAY better mood when I get 7 or 8  hours of good sleep. I say “good sleep”, because there is a difference. If I have alcohol in my system, it’s almost as if I didn’t sleep at all, even if I was out for 7 hours. I do not understand how some people can function daily getting less than 6 hours of sleep.

The fact is, I am almost always tired. I got a cpap and was told it would be life changing and I would feel more rested all the time. I don’t. The best thing it does is preventing me from snoring now and I don’t stop breathing in the middle of the night. Ok, that is pretty important. I am still perpetually tired though. I can’t turn my brain off.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions because you set yourself up for failure. However, I want to make important lifestyle changes to improve my over all health. I want my body and brain to feel happy and healthy. Getting a good night sleep is imperative to that

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