The Washington State Lottery reports an East Wenatchee man recently purchased a winning lottery Scratch ticket worth a $50,000 cash prize.

The winning ticket was purchased at Martin’s Market in Cashmere.  The lucky winner identified by lottery officials as Hugo purchased his usual "7-11-21" Scratch ticket at the store's Washington’s Lottery vending machine.

The "7-11-21" Scratch game pays off when the numbers in a line add up to either 7, 11, or 21.   Hugo began scratching off lines on his ticket once he got home and each line revealed he had not won a prize yet,  until Hugo reached the 15th line.  It was the last of numbers and that is when Hugo's ticket paid off and was worth a $50,000 prize.

Hugo told Washington Lottery officials he couldn’t believe he had just won the game’s top prize, so his dad double checked the ticket and Hugo scanned his ticket through the Washington Lottery app and finally told the rest of his family of his good fortune.

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Hugo says he will plan a vacation with some of is winnings and pay for his dad to visit family in Mexico.

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