FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5: February 17, 2023

Yep. It's the final Friday Drive@Five Top 5 here on Kissin' 977. So we thought we end it with not just the Top 5 but the Top 10 most liked songs of the week. We could have posted the entire list of the top 40, with all the requests we get. But we'll just keep it to the Top 10.

Often times we get comments from Kissin' 977 listeners about some of the songs that just missed being in the Top 5. "I want to know if the songs I requested made it at least Top 10." Sometimes people are curious to see what songs could soon make it to the Friday Drive@Five Top 5. So with our final Friday Drive@Five Top 5, we present the Top 10 Most Liked Songs of the Week.

1) ROCK AND A HARD PLACE -Bailey Zimmerman


3) WAIT IN THE TRUCK -Hardy + Lainey Wilson

4) WILD AS HER -Corey Kent


6) TENNESSEE ORANGE -Megan Moroney

7) HEAT LIKE A TRUCK -Lainey Wilson

8) DANCIN' IN THE COUNTRY -Tyler Hubbard

9) YOU ME AND WHISKEY -Justin Moore + Priscilla Block

10) ONE THING AT A TIME -Morgan Wallen

*BONUS* 11) LAST NIGHT -Morgan Wallen

Thank you for all of the requests. Now just because we are ending the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 on KISSIN' 977, doesn't mean you can't requests songs. Keep them coming! You can always call Mav3rick while he's on the radio at 509.662.5976, tweet us @kissin977, leave a message on our facebook page, or hit the chat button on the KISSIN' 977 app on your smartphone.

Once in a while, if you go to our facebook page or follow us on Twitter, we'll simply post the graphic of the Top 5 for the fun of it.

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