FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5: December 23, 2022

Well, here we go with a new list of the five most liked songs of the week, all thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977. Keep them coming! 

Most of the songs you’ve requested for the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 have just played musical chairs with Jordan Davis being the one who has dropped off this week with What My World Spins Around. And replacing Davis is the return of Bailey Zimmerman with his followup to, Fall In Love, is, Rock And a Hard Place. A song we’ve been playing for quite some time here at Kissin’ 977…finally clawing it’s way back up to kick of the Friday Drive@Five Top 5. 

Fans of Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn and listeners of Kissin’ 977 have really worked hard to keep Thank God in the Friday Drive@Five Top 5. Hanging in there at number four.

Now I wouldn’t say that Lainey Wilson is slipping with Heart Like A Truck, as it drops one notch to number three. Because it’s a strong third! And I don’t see this one dropping out of the top 5 anytime soon. 

And no Lainey Wilson fan is worrying too much because Lainey Wilson is also at number two with Hardy and their duet, wait in the truck. Only to be bumped out of the number one spot again by Zach Bryan’s Something In the Orange. These two songs have been in and out of the number one spot, battling each other to stay at the top spot! The requests have been so close, that if this was the Friday Drive@6 Top 6…with last minute requests coming in, wait in the truck could have been number one. lol. 

Hey! Next week, we are going to have a special Friday Drive@Five Top 5, with your top 5 most liked songs on 2022! Find out where yours ranks on Friday, December 30th on Kissin’ 977!

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