FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5: November 25, 2022

Well, here we go with a new list of the five most liked songs of the week, all thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977. Keep them coming! Let’s start things off with a song that is stuck at number 5 for a second week in a row. Jordan Davis’ What My World Spins Around. I don’t think it’s gonna get any higher than this because we have got some songs that are moving up pretty quickly, and we could see some big movers next week.

Slipping down a bit is the lovey dovey tune from husband and wife Kane and Katelyn Brown with Thank God. Again, not sure if Mr & Mrs Brown can last another week in the top 5, or be number one, but it’s gonna be a number one in our hearts.

Another one that has fallen is former number one, Fall In Love by Bailey Zimmerman. But expect his new song, Rock and a Hard Place to be moving into the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 very soon.

Hardy + Lainey Wilson’s, wait in the truck was so close to being number one this week, that we are predicting that it could be number one next week But in the meantime, number one for the 5th time, Zach Bryan with, Something in the Orange.

Thank you again for all the requests coming into the Kissin’ Booth at 509.662.5976, text messages via our Kissin’ 977 app, Tweets @kissin977, and even with Facebook messages. We'll start from scratch and build anew list for you next Friday!

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